Juan Quintana

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Dr. Quintana is the CEO of Sleepy Anesthesia Associates, founded in 1999, his anesthesia practice provides essential services to several hospitals and ASC’s in Texas. He is co-owner of ABC Consultants LLC, an anesthesia billing company and International Anesthesia Seminars educating nurse anesthesia students on the business of anesthesia.

He is a former President of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA). In addition, Juan served 6 years on board of the Texas Association of Nurse Anesthetist culminating in his Presidency in 2006.

Juan has been practicing anesthesia since 1997, he graduated with a DNP from Texas Christian University in 2009, he is a leader in the area of education and evaluation of cost-effectiveness and efficiency in anesthesia practice.

In 2010, Dr. Quintana became the first CRNA to serve on the Medicare Evidence Development and Coverage Advisory Council (MEDCAC). He currently serves on the CMS Acumen Technical Expert Panel Medicare, Co-Chairs the Musculoskeletal Non-spine sub-committee establishing cost and risk adjustment to Medicare claims and the CMS Yale New Haven Health Services Corporation CORE Technical Expert panel.

Dr. Quintana, acts as an adjunct faculty to Texas Christian University’s, Texas Wesleyan University, Middle Tennessee State and Georgetown University’s Nurse Anesthesia Programs.


Texas Christian University
Fort Worth, Texas
Doctor of Nursing Practice, 2009
2007 To 2009
Dissertation: Efficient Utilization of Anesthesia Practice Models: A Cost Identification Analysis