Jared Deraney

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Im really thankful for the freedom and control of my life and career that the field of health has given me and my partners. The past few years it seems like healthcare providers and especially physician have been rapidly losing their independent practices and control over the best professional field in this county. I think its a shame for those that don't want to be controlled by others that haven't had to work nearly as hard to get into their field of choice. Many providers just want a job and want to go home and not to be bothered with anything other than patient care and thats what makes them happy.

For some reason, I was born an entrepreneur and started in the middle school selling bubble gum and laffy taffy. I just loved it. I spent a lot of years working for others and was never happy. I can't imagine not having the ability to move in the direction that I want and being treated badly, or being forced to do things I don't believe in while being dispensable the moment someone came along that would do my job for less. I've never felt security as an employee but never will give up the security that working for myself has given me.

Hopefully, I can meet some providers (MD, DO, PA, NP, etc) that would be interested creating security within there profession. Win-win-win is the way for deals a partnerships to have the potential of lasting forever. We anyone is being taken advantage of then everyone involved eventually loose security.

If this sounds to you and your the kind of person that can avoid giving into greed when you see success, then please contact me. The opportunities and potential endless in addition to being what ever you want them to be...............with real work, a little sacrifice and dedication.